Brent and Mike have been friends for the past 21 years.  They grew up together in Moreno Valley, CA.  After high school they took different paths, Brent joined the United States Navy while Mike joined the United States Army.  Seven years later Brent and Mike joined forces again in the Real Estate industry where they provided a foundation for their customers future.  While working together they talked about one day opening a restaurant in Temecula.  Brent and Mike wanted to open a place that had a great atmosphere with gourmet food and great micro-brews on tap.  It was after a trip to Napa with their wives, Holly and Angel in June of 2011 that they decided it was time to put their dream in motion.  The stories they have heard from different wineries and how they started provided the motivation needed to start the search for the perfect location.  In July of 2011 the location was found and their dream became a reality.